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Modified: 20 September 2006

Picture of Matt Town

This site was made for not only my benefit but for anyone else who cares to see what i've been upto. If your interested in what I've been doing recently, you should get yourself an IRC client and hop onto Quakenet, where i'm usually found lurking in the #multiplay channel. You might also want to visit the gallery, to see what nasties i've recently captured or taken.

towneh.net is the home domain of me, Matt Town, sometimes also known as "Towneh". You can send me email, if you want to.

In my working hours, I work for Midas IT Services, an IT consultancy company that is part of the Innovation Group with a business target market, working on systems, network, application setup and support mostly.

In my spare time, I play WoW, a lot. Some may say too much and I agree with them. This is the latest in recent MMO's i've played, previously I was into Neocron, perhaps the best MMO game i've played in terms of PvP, yet ironicly the most bug-ridden ham-fisted coded German game to ever grace the the retail shelf. I won't say anything about the Korean ones though, they have a niche position in the gaming market for crackheads.

I also have a thing for shoot-em-ups, having played Team Fortress Classic to death, shooting toilets at people's faces in Half Life 2: Deathmatch and more recently throwing giants balls of crackling lightning death at people in Dark Messiah

Used to do DDR. It kept me fit and I really should start doing it again.

If you are interested in my CV, you can download it when I get around to hosting it, until then...er... I can mess with computers and stuff.

Thanks for to GeeDee for letting me squat on his server to host these pages, and to David Groves for me blatently ripping off his website.